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Marilyn Monroe Icons on LiveJournal.com

Marilyn Monroe Icons & Graphics
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Marilyn Monroe icons, graphics, screencaps, etc.

♥ Hello dear!
The best and most active Marilyn Monroe fan community on LiveJournal is 1962. Join if you haven't already.
1962 is a wonderful place for MM fans so I'm glad they accepted monroeicons as an affiliate. :)
Looking for something specific (icons, etc.)? Please check our community tags.

Monroe Icons
Welcome to monroeicons, a place to post and share your Marilyn Monroe related icons and graphics.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me by leaving a comment here and I will get back to you ASAP.

Your mod, prettyvoices
Community Rules
--Stay on topic and only post icons/graphics related to Marilyn Monroe.
--Use a lj-cut when necessary.
--Any icons/graphics containing nudity must be placed behind a cut with a warning.
--Other things encouraged: screencaps, wallpapers, friends only banners, gifs, headers, etc.
--Requests are allowed and encouraged.
--If you take anything, please credit the icon/graphic makers.
--Don't hotlink! Use photobucket or tinypic.
--No bashing, flame wars, fighting or harassment.
Image galleries
1962's gallery Dr. Macro everlasting-star.net Fanpix.net Life
Simply Classics message board The Place - high quality pics of MM

icon_tutorial-Graphic-making tips, tutorials, FAQ, Q&A, and resources
coloring_help-How to achieve a certain coloring on a icon/graphic
I wanna be loved by you
annamay_daily • a daily picture community for Anna May Wong
• dedicated to the wonderfully talented Josephine Baker

1962-Marilyn Monroe fans • daily_marilyn-Daily Marilyn photos
floralcig_icons-Floral Cigarette Icons • vintage20in20-vintage20in20

Want to be an affiliate? Please comment here.

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