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How to credit makers for their work

This is mainly a reference for others and people new to LJ.

How to credit icons
An example:

In the keywords, put whatever you want to describe the icon. In my example, it's a Marilyn Monroe icon. So I have described it as such.

In the comment area, put the maker's username as <*lj user="USERNAMEHERE"*>. Take out the stars, replace USERNAMEHERE with the maker's username. In the example above, I have replaced USERNAMEHERE with marilynstar. marilynstar is the maker.

How to credit other types of graphics
Copy and paste <*lj user="USERNAMEHERE"*> into your profile, sidebar or friends only entry. Remove the stars, replace USERNAMEHERE with the maker's username. Header/banner/layout/etc. made by <*lj user="USERNAMEHERE"*>.

Why credit?
-It's good netiquette.
-You acknowledge people for the work they put into making icons/graphics.
-Others know where to find more of a certain maker's work.
-Need more reasons? Read teh_indy's Do-s and Don't-s in the icon community.
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